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Anyone else got a Paco Kelly "Acu'rzr, "Nastinose" or "Baby Scorp'n" tool

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Anyone else got a Paco Kelly "Acu'rzr, "Nastinose" or "Baby Scorp'n" tool

Got 1 and use it with some interesting results "Modifying' .22LR bullets on the lower end rimfires like R-P 40gr solids and Federal and Remington 'bulk pack' Wal Mart HP's. This little tool makes wadcutters or flat mephlet Small Game bullets out of round nose bullets, and Great BIG Gaping HP's out of standard issue hollowpoint ammo. :bomb: :smash: = punches nice sharpedged holes in cardboard, and pretty much obliterates vermin and other small varmints.;)
Anyone else tried this little tool? - I LIKE Mine:dgrin:
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OK Webslave, I dug out the link to the article

Set your browser to:
The article describing and evaluating the little tool was written last September by Jeff Quinn = he took pics as well so you can get an idea what the thing is like and what it can do to .22 bullets. Since I got mine in March (cost me $35 with S&H) Paco's added another tool to his line called the "Baby Scorp'on" which forms a bullet tip into something like the business end of a Hydroshock bullet, or the shape of the new high-end Eley Match ammo. Any of these modifications will help the accuracy and killing power of a regular .22LR bullet (works for Shorts too!)
Hope the readers can use this info.....I sure enjoy mine.:kill:
Wierd! It worked a few days ago - OK,

anodes said:
B, A Member on another forum was requesting info on a Paco Kelly artical about survival. I thought I start to dig it up by rooting around @ your above link. Which no longer seems to be valid...:( Any alternate Paco links? TIA.
Try THIS (newer source & 'updated' prices too:rolleyes: = stiii a bargin.

Good review with pricelist and pics of the tool and the results obtained with the different forming rods = impressive even though I had to download the pic and enlarge/clean it up to see the detales.
Hope this works, yer right, the other link went TU.:blush:
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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