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Anyone know what this means???

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Got this in on one of my Yugo M48 mauser shipments from Century a few months back, and stuck it in the back of the safe.
I have asked a few people about this and have received a few different replies.
So if anyone knows for sure what it means, or where I should look to find out, please let me know.
Any and all info will be greatly appreciated.

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It's a name, and it is pronounced "Stoya"

Unregistered said:
abaut name it´s serbian so look in serbian vocabulary and that mark is olsou used in balkans it meens serbs or albanian nasionalyty.chek bosnia latest conflict itú used thear ofen to mark the buildyns so that the army will now whu live there .
Ulp, my bad - under the wrong assumption that slavic languages are all alike...

you are correct.

1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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