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Anything but guns

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A break from the norm here...

There's been a lot of "show or tell about your favorite ______" threads here, about handguns, rifles, whatever. This is for the "show or tell about your favorite NON-gun thing". If you collect antique cars, whatever, let's lighten things up some around here for a little bit.

My "thing" is watches. I don't actively 'collect' them, it's more of a "fetish". ;)

Left to right:
- Omega Seamaster Professional,
- TAG/Heuer "something or other 2000" series (don't have it with me, I'm wearing the Omega today),
- Luminox,
- Wittnauer, and
- Seiko Chronograph.

The TAG is automatic, the rest are quartz. (I was tempted to get the Omega as an automatic, but the quartz is more accurate, not to mention $600 cheaper.)


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Damn,John, anyone can see I TRY to "balance" things a bit, by even commenting on shotguns and black powder now and then.
Wasn't meant as some kind of insult or sign of exasperation, just starting a "low-intensity" thread for "General BS" purposes...

(My wife would prefer I had "thing" for stamps, spoons or salt shakers, but guns & watches are what "do it" for me.)

Kind of like the drug addict, I seem to be 'escalating' over the years. Used to be, I'd buy a new watch if it wasn't too expensive; say $50-100 or so. The last two have both been over a thousand. :duck:

Better pic of the three:
(That big white dot near 7 o'clock on the Omega is a reflection of the ceiling can light.)


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nice set of 'time' pieces

if it wasn't for my cell phone i wouldn't know the time/date[but, thats just me]

my 'jones' is hunting arrowheads, the rush of laying my hands on a perfect
projectile, that was lost or freely given[if they could only speak]hundreds-thousands of years ago!

the farmers have went 'no till' and that makes it a little harder to find them
in the mid-west

i have some pretty good spots down here[and it's tough to spot them in this terrain]

i sold a small collection for a grand along time ago, reget it now as i walked a lot of miles for them.

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Books about guns, reloading, survival. Fiction - slowly trying to assemble a collection of all the Travis McGee novels. Pocket watches - have 3 (the newest is a Railroad watch made in 1948). Old American coins from 1790 through 1920.

Surprising. I figured we'd have a higher volume of "non-gun" items collected or acquired by the folks around here.

(I feel so shallow... :) )
Hey John,

I like this thread because we aren't argueing. Besides, we have arrowheads, pocket watches, wrist watches, coins and Travis McGee novels. Wish somebody else who likes McGee would answer up.

this is a true story

i'm about to spin to you all,

it was a cold,grey drizzlin' day in the ohio river valley one winter afternoon.

i was sharin' a 'jug of who hit john' with a buddy who owned a orchardapple/peach.

when ol' brad sez' we need to run across the river and pay his helper some money owed, as he was tired of him callin' wanting paid!

so when i meet the kid [ i'm unimpressed,kinda lowlife type] were talkin' and hittin' john, about deerhuntin' ect. we get to talkin' about arrowhead huntin' spots and indian mounds[you must take into account what the land looked like before drainage ditchs/field tile,primefood resorces!]

so scum clod there sez' his brother was probing and hitting/finding /digging
indian graves! and then proceeds to produce a cardboard shoe box and cigar box , full of human bones, i was kinda agahst, and gettin' the willy's [messin' with the dead ya' know]so i buy these bones from him[$20 bill ,scum-clod jumped on it! go figure,] and we parted ways.

when i got to my batch pad i wouldn't even look at them, i had a [spare ] wood burning stove on the front porch, and interred[sp]them there, never once bringing them in the house or talkin' about them to anyone

well, when the spring thaw came , i arose at dawn and dug a grave on a little rise in the field across the road from me [i've found arrowheads on it]

and reburied the bones, with the head[parts] to the east, with the rising sun!
and some stone 'tools' i had found huntin'

every thing was back right with the world[as far as i could make it,anyway]

NOW ,this is the kicker,friends!my 'yeild' that spring, huntin' those things

exploded,high,wide,and hansome! i'm talkin'8-12 perfect ones! compared,to maybe findin'just 2 from the last year previously[every time i went out]

i would take a few friends out once or twice and just point them out to people, as i walked[they were amazed] not just arrowheads but earing/necklace pieces, really 'neat' perfect pieces, on the ground!
[we would go where ever they wanted, as one guy said i was SALTIN' THE A.O.]

now this is the ODD/COOL part, i find them, out here,in the rocky desert!

believe this or not! i STEPPED on one about 2 years ago and my right boot heel vibrated like i stepped on an electric snake or something, and i had takin' a step an a half and thought that was real odd feeling, so walked back and stirred the ground with a cactus rib walkin' stick [just about the size of a paper plate] and out FLIPPED a perfectly knapped arrow head, i just smiled, and remembered. :cool:

thanks. [it's all true!]
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Neat story. I think your good deed came back to you.

I collect Cat heavy equipment

I'm kind of fond of my new Cat Telehandler bought last fall to replace my old KULL rough terrain forklift. She's a TH63 that will lift 9k 44 feet in the air, three function steer, chassis leveling capabity, out riggers, and a remote control feature that allows the operater to start the machine while on a scaffold plank and move himself around.

I added a picture of my HD, that I should ride more (wife likes to road trip) LOL, it seems most of my rec time gets spent in the Jeep. I'm going to change some stuff on my bike this winter when I get some time. Going to go more "retro" with it and take off the touring stuff that was on it when I bought it, might just repaint it as well.



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