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AR22'3s WIN 550m stage rifle matches

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EVERY weekend. Until that was SO, the 308 fans pointed to their calilber and gun's winning such as being SO "meaningful". They were ALREADY being beaten every weekend, at realistic combat matches, to 300m, by AR's, even WITH the "minor caliber" scoring handicap Cooper put on 223 for IPSC rifle matches.:) Now that the 223 has been kicking ass at the 600 yd stages for about a decade, the 308 bozos are getting DESPERATE to justify their stupid choice of gun and caliber. Now they talk about "shooting thru" cover. well, a $150 sks can do that, given steel cored ammo. :)
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Ok and now show us how many of them use 11-1/2" barrled canned CAR's.

Apple and Orange BS comparisons again as always.:rolleyes:
Well I'm waiting for the info on who competes at 500+ yds with a 11-1/2"bbl CAR.

Where is it?:D
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