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argue about religion, or the weather,

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change THOSE easier than you will the military. So the ONLY gear and tactics changes you CAN make are those YOU use. the rest of it is just stink in the wind.
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The military don't need to change what ain't broke. Change only comes when something is found to be better than what we have now. I say We because I am proud to say that I'm part of the military.
the m16-223 is NOT "broke". It'sa fine

choice, altho the M855 is probably inferior to M193 ball, for use on unarmored enemies, especially from the short barrled M4.
Didn't intend for it to sound like I said the 16 was broken, just that the hk is a better rifle for lots of reasons.
no it'snot, and it's not going to be GI,

either. Just watch.
If it won't it should be

the AR15/M16 weapons system isn't a battle worthy weapon in any situation. It performs poorly in arctic, desert, jungle, and any place outside of a gun range. The AR15 wasn't even built for the military, it was built as a target gun, which the Airforce bought and converted to the fully automatic M16. Just before Vietnam, the Army and Marine adopted the M16a1 as it's standard issue weapon...and everybody hated it. It should be replaced ASAP, direct gas operation doesn't work in combat. On a further note, HK's new AR15 uses a short stroke, gas-op piston, similar to the G36, and Kalashnikovs. It affects the accuracy slightly, but makes up for this with superior reliability.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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