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As I worked a hog farm,or on the way to

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work, I'd often have the chance to shoot a critter. Not everyday, but usually more often than once a week. The 21 oz, 9" long Savage single shot .22 pistol I had would group 2" at 25m, weaver,and nearly 1", sitting braced, but sometimes a burst of rapidfire was called-for, too, on a fleeing **** or chuck or fox. That's when I first hit upon the idea of carrying TWO small, lw pistols. Age 17, 1969. Not to have a "backup", but to have a gun that offered some useful attibute that the OTHER pistol didn't.

The canned M21 offers QUIET gametaking, or anti-personell use, and uses THE most available ammo. The BOB ALREADY contains .22lr ammo, for the CAR's. 22 unit, so the only wt and bulk "penalty" is the 8" and 14 ozs of the M21 and its can,and the 1 oz of its spare mag, but it's got very little ability to stop an attack, by man or dog.

The pocket Star offers concealable, controlable power, more actual manstopping capability than a 4" 357 offers. It's no game getter, but it would suffice to take a deer at 20m,or a big dog, if need be. Its 55 gr, 2200 fps Split Nose ammo groups about 5" out there, sitting braced, but about all I'd bet much on is hitting an 8" circle, Weaver. that aint great, but how many can do better, with a .38 snub, hmm? Not many, and the Star wasn't picked for its gametaking, it was picked for its ability to start hand in pocket, move FIRST (ie, no .20 sec reaction time) and put 3 rds in each of 2 guy's chest, at 10 ft, in 1.5 secs or less. The first hit occurs in .45 sec, when there's no reaction time. Repeat hits in .18 second, the switch over to the other guy adds about .12 second to the shot-split of .18 second. At nearly 600 ft lbs per whack, 3 wound tracks per whack, AP capability, that sort of repeat hit speed, and temporary cavity effect, it is a fairly safe bet that such a pistol will suffice,for anything that ANY ccw pistol can realistically be expected to handle.TRY matching that performance with a .38 snub, or a P11 Keltec, even. what some inexperienced BOZOS might THINK a pistol can handle, they'd BETTER have an auto rifle for.
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You have given us your opinion on this once today already. Next topic!
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