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asked 6 guys to come here, Rich

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and they all know their stuff. If even half of them show up,should get some activity here, besides just the lames, that is. :)
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Thanks for the heads up. Got to go now but will check in this weekend.
take care, dude. Heard your son

enlisted,or is going to do so?
Thanks, Andy.
ok, but so far, only 2 have signed up

one rarely posts, and the other almost never does.
No he is just a HS Frosh age 15. CHOMPING at the bit to get into it.
I was too, at 19, until I saw how stupid

and wasteful the military IS.
andy said:
...asked 6 guys to come here, Rich and they all know their stuff...

Am I, perhaps, one of the six? :D
Most certainly

now to hear from some of the remaining guys.
Okay, okay Im here....

:dancer01: :evilgrin:
I c that, thnnks.

I will get busy on the issue I promised you about. :)
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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