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Attention Please

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Hello, My name is Betty and I am a home care nurse that cares for individuals that have special needs.
The reason I have elected to post here is so that I may get some help and better understanding from you people with one of my clients. I recently was asigned this client by a specialist that deals with mental disabilities and awarded state cases. It seems that my client frequents this forum on a regular basis but afterwards he has a sudden and severe blood pressure increase fallowed by verbal stuttering,uncontrollable urinating and or soiling of himself, and even at times crying and asking for some of his antique collectable magazines based around firearms.
At first the doctor thought that it was just a medication dosage problem but we have tried many times to adjust the dosages and times adimistered only to have these episodes appear the just the same after each forum visit here. Frankly we are at a loss of why this forum upsets Mr Davis as much as it does so if any of you people can give us any information that you feel may help it would be greatly appriciated,if you cannot give us any viable information that we can work with we may have to restrict his internet usage and replace it with more therapetic time in the garden, my how he does love garden tools and that strange wheelbarrow. Im sure that Mr Davis has many friends here but if the episodes continue we will have no choice but to go with this option.Please dont worry as I will keep you all posted to his condition.

Thank You, Nurse Betty
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State awarded cases,......shoulda known LMAO

Ill bet the wheelbarrow is full of marygolds and panseys now.
Nurse Betty,

As a fellow woman I feel your pain. I suggest that you allow him to have his debarked chihuahua as it allows him to feel somewhat superior. His teddybear gives him comfort along with the sock puppet so please don't deny him his only friends. He will readily accept medications if you mix them with peanut butter and tang; tell him that its survival food. On days when his back isn't too painful allow him to skulk in the flowerbeds and spy on the other patients - makes him feel like he is in control . Plenty of brightly colored crayons and scraps of paper will keep him occupied while he dreams of world domination by his fellow convicts of whom he is the leader.

Your lot is a difficult one, Nurse Betty but we give our full support in your efforts to return him to the real world.

Please feel free to contact us with any other of your concerns.


Thank You

RIKA for the input.The doctor and I have discussed some of your ideas and agree we shall implement them at a slow rate to see if this does infact help Mr. Davis's control problem that you mentioned.
I do have to say though that I personally feel Mr. Davis has a lot of issues that have yet to be touched upon,for instance,today while Mr. Davis was getting his daily rectal exam(he seems to enjoy those) the doctor and I were having an idle conversation about music,me being in my early twenties told the doctor that I liked all kinds of modern alternative music but when the doctor who is quite older said that he really like classic HARDROCK Mr. Davis went into a complete histerical fit. We cannot figure out why this happened. Once we finally subdued him and felt we had the situation under control the doctor wanted to make a note of this moment for future referance. The doctor asked me the approxamate time of this outburst and it just so happen to be at 3:08. When I mentioned "3:08", Mr. Davis went into yet another fit crying and calling us liars, stupes, and inept. I am at witts end here as to the mental trigger that gets him going. Oh well,time will tell. Once again thank you for your input and I will post more as he progresses.

Have a safe 4th,
Nurse Betty
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Did Mr. Davis also want to talk about BMs alot?:D
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