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B Jordan said .45 ball wasn't worth crap for

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combat, and he also advocated shooting at the intestines (specifically, at the belt buckle) and he did so in the heyday of the .38 lrn load. :) He also advocated a 2" 22mag, 40 grs at 1300 fps, in an airwt Chief. This was before any .22 mag DA's were available. Why not an 80 gr .38 bullet, at 1400 fps, same gun, hmm?

Just goes to show that having WON a lot of gunfights doesn't make you smart,hmm? Often, it just means you were VERY lucky, and that's all it means. Bill was both fast and accurate, very steely nerved and ruthless when he need to be, but he also shot his partner, whether accidentally or over a woman, noone seems to know.
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