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Bad day yesterday

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I was getting my hair cut and when the barber was finished, I saw it...a gray hair. I freaked out a little and pulled it out. I asked him if really was one or just a trick of the light.

He broke the bad news...there were a few up there.

I'm only 28: What's up with that!?!?
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Well at least with gray hairs you can count them. Baldness is counted by the square inch.... :laugh:
It could be worse, I once had a barber say "you have a lot more hair or your neck and your back than you do on the top of your head." Needless to say her tip went right out the window. I know how ya feel i'm 28 as well...

But hey what woman can resist a "balding teddy bear"...oh that's right just my wife :D
Why is it that hair won't grow on my head, yet I can't keep up with it on my face???
mine started to disapear after its tha damn ear & nose hair!i used to laugh @ my old biology teachers big hairy ears & now their mine!:(
on the plus side 1 bottle of shampoo now lasts a whole year!:D
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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