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Sarco parts, but Sarco's firing pin, extractor, sear, safety, hammer, and sear spring are all unacceptably soft, and their 1911 mags are worthless. Their $50 Brazilian slide and their "roto" barrel are excellent buys. You really should fit a thumb safety and ducktail grip safety on any 1911 that lacks them,along with decent sights. Numrich has the extractor, firing pin, sear spring sights and thumb safety, for about $65 total. Megar mags are good value, at about $12 each. The McCormick Ducktail, hammer, sear are great values, albeit about $75 total. So to get a DECENT gun, that Big Brother doesn't know about, sets you back a realistic $450, if you have access to the necessary hand tools to finish the frame, and install the sights.

If you have access to an oxyacetylene torch, a good job of silver soldering will mount the front sight solidly, but just "peening" the tang of the sights, on the more visible models, will allow the front sight to come loose. Dovetailing in the front sight can be done by hand,and is the most secure answer, and lets you have the option of luminous sights. Torch heat, even bluing tank submersion or spraying with WE40 will ruin the luminous sights.
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