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I have a few available:


Barrett M-99
Starlite Air/Water Tight Case
4 lb. Factory Trigger
80 Rounds Barrett M33 Ammo
Bushnell 3200 Elite Series 10x40mm Scope
Barrett Adjustable Rings,,,

Delivered to your FFL,,,,, $3,050.00

Ed @ CWA 1-715-693-1418....\\

If you want some references ask about us on the 50 Cal. Biggerhammer discussion board,,,

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Darn! That's not a bad price at all!

The Barrett M99 is VERY accurate and a real pleasure to shoot. I got mine as a 50th birthday present for myself, and have never regretted getting it.

I don't see these very often at the shows, so they are apparently in high demand.

Check the balances on your credit cards people! This is a real deal!
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