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BATFAGS call silencers "firearms", ya

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know, so that means that cans fit here. A can on a survival firearm changes everything, pistol or rifle. If you miss a rabbit or squirrel with a can and subsonic .22's, he just sits there, letting you try again, unless your miss strikes something near him. I've used a canned .22 to take 5 squirrels from the same tree, in a minute or so. If u r really serious about foraging efficiently, a sound suppressor makes all the diff in the world, and it can prevent every enemy within 1-2 miles from coming to see what's up with the shooting. A good can removes all muzzleflash at night, which is a serious aid to not getting shot.
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Here is another BATFE gaffe. A shoestring with a loop in one end IS a machinegun! If you put the loop on the trigger and pull JUUUSST right, you have a BATF defined machinegun. So, if you are carrying a rifle and one of your shoestrings has a loop in one or both ends, you in some deep doo-doo.
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