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BB's taking more freedoms, u play with

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toys, like shotguns, revolvers, black powder, etc. You have no INTENTION of fighting for freedom.
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Magnum88C said:
Methinks GK did not post this.

Goonkid never fought for anything. His whole life has been taking the lazy way out. Rather than be a man and accept his responsibilities, he abandoned his kids. Rather than get a job, he sold dope. His stated intentions of abandoning his wife for the criminal life as soon as possible shows he just intends more of the same. He won't fight for anything, he's too lazy and chickensh!t, typical criminal.
You're right, MELVIN didn't post that. It was probably his wife again.

She slips in posts using 223 fan, andy and unregistered all of the time. Her posts stand out like a sore thumb, even when she intentionally tries to sound like MELVIN.
I think you have a pretty good fix on MELVIN and his wife. MELVIN is her bought and paid for boy-toy.

1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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