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Bear hunt

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Well, getting ready for my trip to Canada next month...

Got my Canada firearms declaration filled out, got my US customs forms showing ownership of my bow and rifle for the way back (I've been told they aren't really needed, but my luck would be to get the one jerk on duty at the border...)

All my gear has been tested, rifle verified as sighted in, bow is ready to go.

Only thing left is for the Outfitter to request my Manitoba hunter ID so he can print the tags. I have already set up my account, it just done a few weeks before the hunt. What's interesting is he will be informed when I cross the border into Canada.

Got my taxidermist lined up and my meat processor assures me they can take frozen bear meat for processing.

Don't think I've missed anything. I really want to make sure this goes perfect, as this is a bucket list item and I can't afford a lot of outfitter hunts...
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Are you still planning to drive I-15 all the way to the border?
Are you still planning to drive I-15 all the way to the border?
No, we're going to route through Colorado and then over to Rushmore - neither my wife or I have been there. I've seen it from the air but never from the ground. Then we will go up through South Dakota to Pembina North Dakota and cross the border there.

And on another note, the outfitter asked for my information and so now, it's all set....
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safe travels, good hunting
Same here good hunting. And safe journey.
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