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Bears and Big Balls

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I hope that the name I gave this thread does not get it pulled, but it about describes the attitude of the guy in the story to which I am about to give a link.

I don't know about what you will think, but I figure lots of people would have just turned and run or froze and did nothing else. Instead the guy in the linked story stood his ground, and took action and wait till you see what he used to take action while standing it - when charged from 15 feet by a Grizzly Bear sow who was protecting her cubs.

What this gent did undoubtedly took ones that were the size of grapefruits as I see it. The story is right, this was one lucky guy; although I'll bet it wasn't a light load left in his trousers after this event.

The other guy inthe storywas pretty cool under lots of stress too, but the guy attacked by the sow takes the prize.Grizzly Attacks

Best regards,
Glenn B;)
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1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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