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I tell you what, the next time you are charged by a 1,000 pound Brown Bear, you tell me what gun you wished you had had. That is if you have any breath left at all. The fact of the matter is that I would carry a rifle or shotgun over a pistol; and the rifle or shotgun would be capable of killing bear as it would also be quite capable of killing men. As for a handgun in BIG bear country, it would not likely be a pistol but rather a revolver in a large caliber.

Now since I can carry legally in all states, I would have no need to hide it (unless required by law) as would you so I would choose an appropriate caliber. Your logic always seems limited to your particular situation whereby you are necessarily forced to carry hidden weapons because of legal issues; and by your seeming need to have to surprise others with your weaponry. Legal, law abiding citizens have no need for such in bear country, and would carry in a readily accessible holster that is not concealed. Men who are armed and who face likely armed conflicts with other armed men really don't need a concealed weapon either unless it is required by law or regulation. Of course there is another reason you may choose to carry concealed, such as when you are trying to be a low down cowardly sneak who is trying to attack someone who does not expect to be attacked. Is this you?

As for more people being killed by bee stings that is in great part due to allergic reactions from which people suffer due to the bee venom. It is additionally caused by the fact that more people encounter more bees (many more) than they do bears. It has also been exasperated by the arrival of Killer Bees in the USA. Comparing death due to bee stings to death due to bear attacks is somewhat a poor analogy, but I would not expect more.

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