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so why bother to carry anything more than your regular ccw pc in "bear country", hmm? Men will STILL be the more commonplace, and by far the more deadly threat,whereever you go. So optimize for dealing with men, not carry some big clunk that ruins your chance of a SURPRISE (ie, no concealment) and which is both slow into action and slow for repeat hits.
Here's everything wrong with your post and your apparent inability to do any critical thinking:

Bees exist everywhere.
Bears are typically found in bear country. You even acknowledge this fact in your ridiculous diatribe.

If you are in bear country, you should expect to encounter bears. If you are at the supermarket, you would not expect to encounter bears.

So, carrying what is appropriate for the situation is what is know as proper planning. Since my bear country gun is more than adequate for dealing with men, it is NOT a bad choice. Depending on the activity I am doing in bear country, I may only have a bow and a pistol, or I may have a rifle and a pistol. In either case it is usually a revolver in .45 (long) Colt. And before you go and try to claim it isn't enough to stop a bear, go research the effectiveness of pistols on stopping bear attacks - they are 98% effective, and that includes the use of .22s

As far as rifles go, if I am in bear country is is because I am elk hunting, and I'm carrying a .338 Win Mag. Are you going to claim it isn't enough for bears or men? (remember, the pistol is backing up the rifle)

And why is a non-concealed weapon slower into action? That is the dumbest statement ever, maybe you can explain it rationally. And why is it slow for repeat hits?

And usually, when I'm in bear country, I seldom see another human outside of my hunting group.

why do you always come up with stupid justifications for things? You would have been better off saying your normal CCW may be sufficient. But if I'm hunting, CCW is generally off the table anyway - I'm visibly armed, and I'm wearing a pack. In other words CCW would be a hinderance, not a help. I wish you'd actually get some real experience in the outdoors - you would make adjustments to your posts.
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