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With a sandbag or 2 under the forend of a scoped Savage lever, and one under the buttstock, just behind the pistol grip, you might get 1.5" groups at 100 yds, with good ammo, with a good hand on the rifle. However, prone, with a rolled up jacket to pad the rifle, you will be doing well to group 2" at 100 yds. Without the rest, you will be doing really well to group 2.5", and 3" is probably more realistic.

Sitting, with a backpack as a rifle rest, you might group 2.5" at 100 yds, but 3" is more realistic. Withhout the rest, 3" would be very good, and 3.5" would be realistic. Kneeling or standing, unsupported, expect 4-5" groups, even if you are pretty good at it. Sitting, in particular, makes the shooter prone to "canting" the rifle. 3" at 100 yds thus becomes 8" at 200 yds, because the recoil of the Savage moves you, and you don't quite return to the same angle of "cant" with the rifle. This effect is magnified at longer range, you see.

So it's VERY easy to completely miss the 10" vitals circle of a deer at 250 yds, sitting, no brace, or at 150 yds, standing. If all you do is miss cleanly, fine, you got lucky, but if you break his foreleg, or gut shoot him, you are going to have nearly as miserable time finishing off the deer as he is in his final few hours of life, and you DESERVE much worse.
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