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Beretta C x 4 Carbine

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Has anyone got this on their "buy" list? I think it looks like fun. It also takes the 92 series mags so they are cheap and readily available.

From the website:

Designed to meet the needs of law enforcement, the new Cx4 Storm is also excellent for sport and home defense. The fixed barrel design and long sight radius (12.9") make this gun inherently accurate. The cold hammer forged 16.6" barrel is chrome lined for maximum corrosion resistance and increased barrel life. The 5¾ 1b. weight and overall length of 29.7" make this Carbine light and compact. semi-automatic blowback design is simple, rugged and reliable. Field stripping can be done simply and quickly without any tools. High strength techno polymers were used to reduce the weight, increase corrosion resistance, eliminate problems associated with metal finish wear, and achieve an affordable price. Cross-bolt safety, magazine button and bolt-handle are easily reversible for right or left-hand use. Even the ejection can be switched from right to left and back without the need of tools or additional components. Firing pin and hammer block prevents movement of these critical components until the trigger is pulled, and a bolt safety will not allow the bolt to cycle should the carbine be dropped or struck against an object.
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G-lock, I DO!!! I'm all for a small, lightwieght carbine that will take the mags from my 92F! I got all excited about the Kel-Tec folder, for all the right reasons, till I saw one...:( This new one from Berretta should be a far superior example!:)

One question, "What is the price?".

Wait, next question, "What would be the perfect optics setup for it?".:)
Definitely on my list of Next Purchases.
I'm not really a fan of the light carbines, but for those who are there are a number of custom guns availible based on the AR15/M16 that offer versatility in other calibers like the .300 whisper, 6x45mm, .45 ACP, and 10mm auto as well by simply replacing the upper receiver. I believe that with a registered lower, a taxstamp for full auto that is, one could actually purchase uppers with shortened barrels for use on the same weapon without haveing to pay for another stamp for the shortened weapon. I have shot a 14 inched barreled AR15 in .300 whisper and it was a blast. With a 12 inch barreled upper in 9x21 and a telescoping stock the same gun made a dandy light carbine. I believe Styer also markets a carbine based on their TMP also.
not to mention having a suppressor

on the Whisper. It makes 150m head shots quite feasible, with no sonic crack. Indeed, that's what it was designed for, by JD Jones, using a 200 gr bthp match bullet, started at 1050 fps. It's still going 950 fps at 100m, 800 fps at 200m, or some such unbeleivable efficiency-level. So it can be zeroed at 100m, hold a couple of inches low at 50m, 3" high at 150m, and brain a sentry.

The AR system offers .45 ACP uppers, 50 AE uppers (for real power from a subsonic load) 9mm uppers (cheap pracitice, without damaging steel targets or backstops) a .22 conversion unit, etc. Drop in trigger jobs are $125, drop in luminous sights are $100, and you can build one from an 80% lower reciever, without having anyone know you have a gun, too.
God Damn it, GK! SO WHAT? Who cares? The point being that the .300Whisper WON'T fit into Berretta 92 mags! Niether will the .50AE or the .45! The point being that Berretta mags now have 2 carbines that you can use them in, the KelTec and the TOPIC of this thread, the Cx4.

Who CARES if you have the ability to spout the same old one trick pony, regurgitated net vomit?

Who CARES if you are so limited in your vision that you can't say or post ANYTHING that has to do with the topic at hand?

It's posters like you who give all the OTHER unregistered Members a BAD IMAGE!

There are 2 outstanding questions that have been posed, HOW MUCH? and WHAT OPTICS? If you don't have the KNOWLEDGE or ABILITY to answer them, research them for the answers, pose new questions, or STAY ON TOPIC then start another thread and stop derailing this one!
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I'm not sure what optics *I* would put on it, but if you look at the BG of the pic, they have a nice set-up on it.

As far as price...I've heard rumors that it would be around $600.
so DUMP the beretta, of course, it's a pos

anyway, and everyone knows it.
Re: so DUMP the beretta, of course, it's a pos

Unregistered said:
anyway, and everyone knows it.
Once again GunKid has to hijack a thread off topic and try to make it a "look at me" thread.

If you aren't interested in the weapon, then why be in this thread?

I was just talking to someone the other night about possibly picking one up.

It's not going to me a survival gun for me, I have no illusions of assualting buildings or surviving as a lone wolf rambo using it.

It just looks like a fun gun, and may have some usefulness for some tasks...
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Aslan, It's got to be twice the gun of a Highpoint carbine and a KelTec folder should be!

G-Lock, That was my thought also, a dot sight. Though, I prefer the Trijicone ReflexII over all, I know some must have attributes the ReflexII doesn't. That and a laser pointer should make the Cx4 a SNAP at point shooting moving targets!
sorry to fuel his fire, just thought i'd mention other sources for those who like pistol cal carbines. as for optics on the Beretta, i'd go with a godd scout scope. It's low profile, long eye relief, and comes with all the magnification you'll probably need.
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