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Beretta Neo U22?

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Anyone bought one of these puppies to play with? Saw a couple lately and although they look kind of spacey, they really feel good in the hand.
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sorry. Beretta's a good name tho, and

I think they are fairly low priced, yes? A man who can afford to play with .50 BMG should just get one, take the $70 hit if he decides to sell it a gain. :)
well then, get a used BuckMark Browning

and testfire it before you buy. What's the Neo offer over the Browning? If you want a really handy, accurate .22, get a used, $250 Smith 2214 or 2213. 6" long, 2" groups at 25 yds, nice trigger and sights, 18 ozs. Saftey's awkward to manipulate, and hell to smith up better, too.
I had a 2" M34 Kit gun that was 2" at

25 yds. Nice little gun, altho the DA was very "gritty" and heavy. I mainly bought it as a practice gun for the .38 snub I was trying to "master" at the time (1974) I already knew better, really, but I was trying to give revolvers a real chance. I wore-loose 4 smiths that year, and realized that I was STILL nowhere as capable with them as I already was with a lw Commander .45.
Ruger sold us out on the assault rifles

so I don't recommend any Ruger to anybody, for any reason, ever.
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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