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Besides "Lodge"brand,who makes cast-iron

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cookware that's worth a darn?
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That's the thing.I can't believe that there is only one company that makes the stuff.When I googled for it I didn't even find any cheap Chinese/Taiwanese stuff.

I know that the Sportsmans Guide usually has a lot of different stuff listed.I was just looking for options....
Thanks for the replies!The reason I asked this one is that I have a couple of cast iron pans.The older ones came from garage sales.A few minutes w/a wire wheel ,reseason & presto!Juse like new.I bought a pot from Wal-mart a while back & was NOT impressed.It was only about $20 IIRC but I expected better quality from cast iron.The problems were two fold.First,the finish was very rough/uneven & also it wasn't concentric.It looked like the sand used to cast it was mixed with small rocks & there was no finishing done before shipping.I took mine back to Wally World & picked through a half dozen until I found an acceptable one.
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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