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I have a Colt AR15 H-BAR (paid for by me, GK) with the 1 in 7 barrel twist - 20 inch. Been thinking that either a 16in or an 18in barrel with the 1 in 9 twist would be better. I know that MROSTOV likes the 16 in barrel and can see certain advantages but I'm thinking more about the 18in.

Okay, I know that I could just re-barrel my upper. Could probably do it myself but not that confident. Would also have expense of tools and torque wrench. Maybe better for me is just to buy an entire upper. If the AW ban sunsets I know somebody who can thread the barrel for a flash hider.

Another question is standard carry handle or flat top. Have never shot a flat top but can see some advantages. Using the carry handle type with a scope doesn't mess up my accuracy though.

As you can see, I need help. Your counsel will be appreciated - especially comments on everything I haven't considered. Suggestions on who makes the best upper?



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The 18" barrels are not that common, at least not nearly as common as 14.5", 16", and 20", Bushmaster, for instance, doesn't stock them.

If you're going to go CAR, go light, you won't regret it. Light is the whole point behind 5.56mm.

Get the Bushmaster barrel pictured below in PREBAN configuration and mount it on a flattop, any gunsmith can do this for just a few dollars or order it from Bushmaster already mounted. Flattops are the best and totally configurable. They are the best for mounting a scope or some other optic. The barrel shown below is a 1:9 twist, chrome lined, milspec 16" barrel that is a thin, M-16A1 Vietnam profile diameter.

With a flattop you have to get a rail for most optics to mount at the right height. Rails also protect the receiver. Spent a wee bit of extra cash and get the ARMS #38 or #38-EX. These are built well. With the EX you'll have to sand down a wee bit on the back of the top handguard if you use M4 handguards. The ARMS #38 is a milspec rail with the excellent ARMS #40 flipup rear sight built into the rear of the rail. These are excellent items and the military has bought many, especially for special ops personnel.

For stocks, CavArms is the one of the best ways to go. Get the green or the coyote brown. Coyote brown, what everyone used to call 'khaki', is one of the best colors for hiding from IR. The best grips are the Houge, and they can be had in black or green.

Get a red dot optic. The Aimpoint CompM2 is cool, but usually over $300. The BSA from Walmart is $30 and works great and so cheap you can get a spare. Get some Butler Creek lens covers for it. The Aimpoint CompM2 is the way to rock if you are using NV goggles. The military ordered 40,000 of them last year.

Something like this, though with the ban set to expire, you might consider a collapsable stock. The collapsables are especially handy when getting in and out of vehicles.

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