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best BJ

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"Oh come honey give me one more BJ before we get married" said the young groom to his bride to be in the back of the chapel.
After a bit more groveling, she finally agreed, dropped to her knees and gave the groom one helluva good head job.

When they were done they gussied up and went out into the church both grinning really big ear to ear grins. The preacher was walking toward the couple to say the vows when the brother of the groom whispered a question into the grooms ear asking:

"Why the hell are you smiling with such a big grin, don't you know your about to get married?"

The groom replied:
"I just got the best BJ of my life from the woman I am about to marry, I am one lucky guy, I've got it made!"

At the same time the maid of honor asked the bride why she was grinning so wildly, it was such a big grin as to look scary. The bride replied:

"Because I just gave the last blow job of my life!"
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