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Beyond tracking chips

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My neighbor has just installed an "invisible fence"; a buried cable that activates a shock collar on his dog, should the dog try to leave. Stun belts are already in use in American correction facilities.

Frankly, I'm suprised that parolees haven't been required to wear an electric shocking version of the GPS bracelets based on the shocking dog collars. It should be a small technological jump to install a chip that works on a person from the inside. The power source would be the greatest obstacle since it would need to be compact.

The really tough part of tracking chip technology has been the tracking. It seems like only a small step would be needed to include a component that could affect one or more nerves. This would, in essence, add a stun gun or disabling device to the tracking feature. It could be GPS or command activated.

My guess is that this already exists and politicians are waiting for enough public support to implement it on convicted criminals and terrorist detainees.
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they'll get to SEE what the 2nd amendment is all ABOUT,first. :)
As usual, they'll start by applying it to society's bad guys. Florida is starting this year to require the GPS tracking bracelets.
The Second Amend is for the law abiding citizens, not CRIMINALS ...

andy said:
they'll get to SEE what the 2nd amendment is all ABOUT,first. :)
The Second Amendment is all about law abiding people. The Second Amendment is all about citizens, whom are not disgraced by felony convictions.

There is NO Second Amendment for you MELVIN. You are to live the rest of your life in disgrace, and your criminal record points that out to everyone.
Next it'll just be explosive collars like the friggin Running Man.

I'll pass.
guy COULD just be sitting in the woods, scoped rifle in hand,watching the nearest road. take off that bracelet, and WAIT. :) They AINT circling around, taking hours to come in on foot, count on that.
And the fantasy continues ....................................
You can bet that whatever tracking devices they use on felons now will be used on us later in the interest of public safety. We live in interesting times.

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