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Bizarre firearms modification

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I was trying to think of something to post about and remembered reading an article printed in the Mannlicher Collectors Society Newsletter from some years ago. There were even several photographs.

The subject of the article was a Mauser 98 rifle converted to lever action. The rifle had an honest to goodness aluminum lever affixed underneath and pivoting in front of the trigger guard. When you moved the lever forward, a gear arrangement on top raised the bolt handle and moved it rearward. Returning the lever to rest position moved the bolt forward and locked it down. Then it could be fired normally.

A rube goldberg arrangement so diabolically clever that not even Melvin could think of it. Whats amazing is that it worked.

Just wanted to throw this into the mix and see if anyone else has run into wierdo firearms mods.

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mrostov said:
The locally made .223 revolvers in the Philippines are kind of different. The fireball is impressive.
I've seen pictures of these. As I recall, in the early eighties they were used in some attacks on VIP's in the Philippines.
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