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Blackpower types

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I've thought about getting into black powder guns, but there are all kinds of terms being flung around that I have no idea what people are talking about. What is Pyrodex? There seem to be all kinds of different powders, so are that all just a variation of black powder?

Is this stuff naturally corrosive? I've heard guys say that you need to clean the gun immediately when you are done shooting for the day.
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buy a book on the subject, not that much to learn really. pyrodex is powder for use in black powder rifles. powder is rated by how finely ground it is, f, ff, fff, ffff one f is the finest, four f is the coursest. 3f is used to prime locks and often shot in pistols, 4f is used in rifles and cannons.
actually your right, oops, in a hurry. it is the other way around. sorry to confuse you more higher the f the finer the powder.sorry pal, i was just trying to be helpful and wasnt watching what i was typing. but try blackpowder, its very fun and the history and nestalgia are awsome.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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