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Blue Redhawk

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Well all this talk on this forum about .44's had me in the want for another one so I went around looking for one and came up with a used but very sharp looking carbon steel Redhawk with a 5-1/2" bbl.,.
Which I put on layaway today. :santa: :cool:
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Let me be the first to welcome the little one to your family. I know that you'll enjoy playing with him and that he will be a trusted companion once you get used to each other. You will, of course, give him plenty of Hoppes and oil after each meal and swab his bore until its completely clean.

Glad for you Todd. :beer:

Thanks Rika- This will be the 4th Redhawk I've owned and the first blued finished one; plus the second one with the a 5-1/2"bbl.,.

Still wish I had my 1st one back as that one a a very smooth action and shot extremly well.
When I looked at htis one it didn't have any noticable wear on the frame around the firing pin so it has not been shot much; may have even been sold/traded in with a box of 44rds-.44ammo. ;) So it may need some break in time but that's part of the fun. :)
I've already dug out the grips, speed loaders and gold bead front/V-notch rear sights from the last one I had. :cool:
Go for a Vaquero with the 4 5/8" barrel, thats the answer!
I actually know someone who is wanting to sell one, polished bright stainless with the fake ivory grips. A Bisley Vaquero model IIRC.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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