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BLUNT 357's, over 50% hits, 400 yds,

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and you dumbasses "think" 10", 2500 fps, bthp spitzers, with a SCOPE, aint capable of BETTER performance? McGivern got about 40% hits on man torsos at 600 yds, with an 8" M27, 1500 fps swc's. That means about 60% hits at 400 yds, dumbass. Just LOOK at the short range ballistic tables, and such a bullet and velocity, and SEE what the drop and drift numbers are, much less the grouping ability, and IRON sights, dumbasses.

Just because YOU r ignorant of how to do something, doesn't mean that your BETTERS can't do it. It just means that you are inept and ignorant, that's all.
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Your example just points out how with a rifle and a good scope, you can reach out even farther. And will ammo with better ballistics, you are deadlier to a greater distance.

This example actually points out where you've been wrong about long distance shooting.

Thanks for making our case.

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