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Bolt 308, AK, shotgun, .22 rifle, end up

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costing MORE than CAR-15 and .22 unit, and you can't CARRY all 4 of those other po's. The CAR is 6 lbs, the .22 unit one lb. It costs about $700, total. The AK is at least $300, so is a decently accurate bolt action, used, even, the 10-22 is $150, the Shotgun is at least $200, used. Then you have to scope the 3 rifles, mount cans on all 3, do trigger jobs, luminous sights, ambi safeties on all 4, rustproof all 4, turn all 4 into quick takedown models. When you've done all that, you will have 4-5,000 dollars in your 4 guns. Just the tax on your 3 silencers will be $600, and they will cost you $1200 more on top of that. So what you MEAN, when you talk all that crap, is that you are CLUELESS about reality. You are just a plinker, and that's probably all you will EVER be.
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plinker or

pos like you, i'll stay a plinker, thank U
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