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Like the name says, I'm writing a book. I need info, so please resist the urge to hit me and answer/

How accurate was an early 1960s laser scope?

Can you get infra-red scopes for night-vis goggles?

Can you combine visual and IR lasers into one scope?

If you can, was that technology available in the early sixties?

Where does a laser sight draw its power from?

And finally, how does a laser scope work? Do you spot the laser with your naked eye or do you look through a scope? What is more accurate, a laser of those cross-hairs? (or is it cors-hairs?)

Thanks, Tom

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nothing was being used in the early sixties like there is out there today.

a laser can be visual or non-visual, you either see the dot where it strikes something or you don't. depends on the actual light frequency of the laser.

early IR stuff was huge compared to stuff now. the Vampyre system developed by the Nazis in late 44 early 45 was the first true field system, and the basis for the first Russian stuff.

short ranged, fouled by weather, heavy, cumbersome, no real sight picture, and powered by a large power pack. but it was better than being without it.

there were all kinds of uses for IR cameras in th 60's, actually cameras using IR film that took pictures in IR spectrum, you can read about them in photo manuels
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