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Grenade launchers. Yes, you all know what they are, but can anyone answer some specific questions of mine?
Do they load normal pin and striker lever grenade of impact grenades?

Developed in what year?

If before 1962, effective range? (if after '62, don't bother with answering the rest of the questions)

What do they use to fire the grenade? i.e. air, gunpowder . . .

Muzzle velocity? (mrts/sec)

What holds it in place in firing tube?

What is firing tube called? (common name and official name with heaps of numbers, if possible)

Is firing tube removable?

If so, what guns/rifles can it be attatched too? (1962)

If not, what gun/rifle is it attached to? (1962)

Thanks if you can answer them. I'll most likely be back wiht more q's.

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My experience is only with standard U. S. military equipment. Currently, we use the M203 (rifle mounted) and the Mk19 (Belt fed auto launcher). Both of these weapon systems fire a standard 40mm grenade cartridge. It is strike primer fired from a casing, and is loaded and seated just like any modern cartridge.

M203 info
More M203 info
M203 Firing instructions

Mk19 AGL system info
More Mk19 info

Prior to the development of these weapons the U.S. military used the M79 40mm launcher. This was a standard infantry weapon used during the Viet Nam War.

M79 info
More M79 info
M79 detailed firing instructions

During WWII, the standard M1 could be retro-fitted to fire a rifle grenade

Pre 1960 Grenade launcher info
More M1 GL info

I think these links should answer your other questions. If not, let me know what else you need. I hope this helped!

Here is a pic for the Big Bore page:
Rock and Roll
BTW, the Mk19 is a blast to fire. Happiness is always belt feed! :uzi:

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the first grenade launchers that fired an actual grenade shell instead of using qa blank to luanch a grenade from a rifle's muzzle was developed by the german's in WWII and was a modified flare pistol. it fired grenades a relaqtivley short distance and was known as the battle pistol or storm pistol, i forget the actual nomenclature. I believe it was a 28mm or 30mm.

the US army developed the M79 grenade launcher in the late fifty's. it is a 40mm weapon that operates like a single barrel, breach loading shotgun. the rounds were designed to arm several meters after leaving the barrel to keep the firer from killing himself if he fired into something immediately in the round's path.
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