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is like 5 hits in 3 seconds, from low ready. Figure .90 second for the reaction, raise and first hit, that leaves 2 full seconds for 4 more shots. .50 second is NOT a fast split. It's VERY fast,however, for reliably hitting 3"x5" wide mark that will reliably drive a pin the 3 ft back and off of the table (with a good load, anyway) At 25 ft, that's like shooting at men at 30m+. So you have to shoot MUCH more slowly than you have to in order to hit men at typical defensive ranges (ie, 10 ft and less)

Put up 3 10" disks , VARIED heights and spaces apart. at 10 ft, it's no great feat to react, raise the pistol, and hit all 3 in 1.3 seconds. A really top hand can get 3 in 1 second flat, at least MOST of the time. THAT'S fast gun handling, since it takes .50 second to react, raise the pistol, and hit # 1 target. That only leaves .50 second to move the pistol twice more and hit 2 more chests. :)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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