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You know, after buying guns for a while, you tend to notice that those used guns that come with the original boxes tend to sell for a bit more. So you finally wise up and start saving the darn things. But if you have a moderately sized collection, they can really begin to be a pain to store.

Am I just being anal about hanging onto the darned things? I tend to think having something like a Colt Python Silver Snake with the original box would be worth more with the box, but maybe I'm wrong about it.
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No doubt in my mind.......

It's definately worth more WITH the original box.

Anyone who collects anything will tell you it's worth more in the box, I don't see that it would be any different with guns.
Yeah, I suppose so. But now my biggest fear when I walk back into the storage room where I keep all those boxes is:


I've already had the rifle boxes fall off of the freezer onto me, and it's not a pretty picture.
From what I have seen, you can get up to 10% (sometimes more - sometimes less) more for a gun with the original box and papers (directions and so forth) - especially if it is a collectible. On a $500 gun that could be $50 more, not bad, it buys some anmmo and range time for sure.
I keep all of my boxes. I talked to a guy at a show once that threw away the box to his new P7. As you might suspect, he never removed the high-dollar proprietary cleaning tools. :bawling:
Yeah, but darn, they can pile up in a hurry! If my place ever gets broken into, the perps will know what's in them vaults just from the damn boxes laying all over the place. Might give them way too much incentive to make the effort to get into the vaults.

Heck, with the prices of magazines these days, I probably need a separate vault just for those!
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