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Jessica Lynch got a Bronze Star. (I believe it was a Bronze star.....for valor and blah blah blah)

Okay ...she is a hero she got a bronze star.
What did the rest of her colleagues get?
They did as much as she did.
They too got lost captured and got shot at.
Only difference is they remembered what happened.

For her to get a bronze star.....someone had to write her up for the award.
How can this person write her up for an award for valor when they do not know what happened?
She does not know what happened.

Not to detract from my fellow soldier. I do respect her. She did earn her purple heart. She did see more action that I ever will in my whole entire lifetime. I am just mad that the others aren't getting the same recognition that she got. All because America needed a hero


i think it is rediculas to give her a bronze star for what she did or didnt do. I remember the first news accounts saying that she was a "heroic fighter" ...fired her weapon unitl it was empty"killing scores of enemy soldiers ... while not to take what she endured lightly i think that the initial reports that followed the incident of her capture was more to reflect and detract from the screw ups made by the people in charge.I was and still am behind what the US did there but to not pin the start on HER ENTIRE unit is rediculas IMHO as each person was one way or anotherheroic in there actions. and from the :speacial" thet was aired it sounds like her fellow soldiers deserved it more then did she ... i guess its just part of the american way of not wanting to retract what knowingly was a boo boo on someones account in a higher postion so with that we have a hero for all acounts doesnt know what she did other then her job!
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