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Brother I am Tired

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As of the last census there were 221,216,533 people living in the United States. These are the people that are alive and breathing and whom our country depends upon to work and pay taxes – you know to make America great. These are also the ones who had balls enough to answer the census. It is a great thing to have such a large work force, and you may wonder how it is that our country could have fallen on hard times lately with so many workers. All however is not as it seems and, the bottom line is: Brother I am tired. “Why?” you ask, well give me a minute or two and I’ll tell you.

Of the total population 5.6% were receiving unemployment benefits leaving 210,155,705 to do the work.

Approximately 7.6% of the remainder were all members of the AARP (American Association of Retired People) and they were done with their share of doing the work leaving more of it for guys like you and me. That leaves about 194,183, 872 people to do the work.

Another 15.9% of the rest of the population are minors under the age of 18, and as we all know you cannot get a damned kid to do anything but whine, moan, surf the internet, and shoot up their school nowadays. This leaves only 163,308,636 to do the work.

During the two terms that William Jefferson Clinton was president (Bill Clinton to you numbskulls who voted for him) the methods of calculating the welfare roles in the USA were dramatically changed. Upon the election of George W. Bush this was discovered to be the truly fuzzy math. It was recalculated and showed that the actual welfare roles in the US were at an all time high (this was a major cause of the recession early in 2002). The percentage of the remaining population who were dependent on welfare was estimated to be a whopping 73% (this also in part due to the collapse of Enron another of those fuzzy math phenomenon that flourished under the Clinton empire). Subtracting this percentage leaves us with only 44,093,331 to do the work

There are currently 42,785,021 ******** (whoops did I actually say ******** – the politically correct terminology left to us by the Clintonians is undocumented immigrant). These wonderful people, the likes of which included Mohammed Atta and his followers, are raping our once great land; this leaves a mere 1,308,310 possible actual workers who return anything of value to the U.S. economy.

The ranks of local, state and federal government employees blossomed to an all time high under the democratic regime amounting to 1,308,307 useless bureaucratic boondogglers who are robbing us blind at the expense of the taxpayer.

This leaves just three people to do the work and the guy at the other end of the bar just passed out. That leaves just you and me, so get your ass in gear, because after having done all of the work around here Brother I Am Tired!
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