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Well, I haven't bought anything from Midway for quite a while and they keep sending me those sales flyers, so a couple of weeks ago I started thinking about the approaching time of year when I may have some time to actually do some shooting again.

So I browsed through the catalog and saw one of those Caldwell rifle rests on sale, and thought they might be handy to have when sighting in a rifle. Maybe a more stable platform would be the ticket. So I placed the order online, and promptly forgot about it.

One day this big box shows up on the porch and then I remembered placing that order. Hot damn! I took it back into the workroom and unpacked the box and started following the directions to set it up. Not too complicated and you really don't even need the directions at all.

But when I got to the point where I am supposed to flip the thing over and put on the rubber feet (two in front, one in back), I noticed that the left front post that the rubber foot is supposed to go on evidently was misformed during the plastic forming process. Yeah, the base is nothing but plastic, which is typical of just about everything made these days, I guess. And I was a bit disappointed that those front and rear rests that the gun rests in are plastic as well instead of something a bit softer. I don't think they would mar the gun, but still.....

Anyway, about that malformed foot post. Not only did it look much weaker than the other ones, when I put on the rubber foot, it set about one eighth inch deeper than the one on the right, so of course the rest set on the bench cocked over at a slight angle. I was able to raise it up the eighth inch by putting washers in the rubber foot, but wait a minute. This sucker is brand new! So heck, I contacted Midway and asked them about returning it. My first email was ignored. I read over the invoice and it said I would have to sent the item back with shipping on my dime. Hardly. So I contacted them again and let them know that unless I heard back from them SOON, this item was going to be put back in it's box, then set on my porch until either UPS gets a call tag from them to pick it up, or someone steals it, whichever comes first. I was going to dispute the charge on my credit card.

Well, I got an email within the hour saying that a call tag would be issued immediately, and sure enough, today UPS shows up and picks it up to sent back to them.

Anyway, still not sure I am too crazy about dealing with Midway. And I am not at all impressed with Caldwell products based on what I saw from this thing. I also got the pistol rest, and it looks and feels like some cheap toy. Maybe I should get Midway to take back that piece of junk as well.

So, for what it is worth. Guess I need to look through the Cabela's catalog a bit......
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