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Calling Terry Ingram. Pm me here,

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I'll give you an email, need to speak to you on the phone,really.
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Raider said:
Gee, Melvin banned me over there. Only forum I've ever been banned from. :D

That's because he doesn't understand what a moderator is supposed to do, nor does he understand the concept of disagreement / discussion.

He figures that as moderator, he will just ban anyone who disagrees with him. (after insulting them first, of course)

Oh well, he seems to go for the whole drama queen image anyway.

He lost his password, can't remember which email he used. I guess having so many different names has a few drawbacks, especially since everyone knows who he is ni matter what name he hides behind.

Uber moderator, can't moderate the board because he can't remember his password or his e-mail account.:roflmao1: :roflmao1: :roflmao1: :roflmao1:

1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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