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can anyone put me in the direction

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of a web page, pertaining info on a STEVENS MODEL 29A pump .22 rf

it was granpa's[and looks it]

the stuff on google didn't help much ,one person wanted money,to help

i'm curious, as to dates of production,basically anything!

the only ser.#? is stamped on the inside of steel butt plate,and again on the butt of 'uncovered' stock[matching]

on barrel is 22 s,l,lr.

i ran 3 rd. threw it today, it's a slick,short stroke,take down hammerless.

i shot my fathers win.62a also.

[ it's pretty sobering] to just look at both of them and reflect

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Do a search for Brownell's, call one of their techs, they are almost always able to help in some way.
Good advuce.
You are aware that you astound and impress us when you have good advice with no flaming?
Thank You!

thanks,.223 fan,man, your O.K. sometimes!

thanks G-BULLET, i read the data page 3 times, didn't 'spot' it yet, but with where you put me! and where glen bartley sent me, plus with the advise of .223 fan, i am fully armed for the task at hand.


[ i'm installing a little 10' by 20' wood awning on a back yard condo in the city and there's 4 freaking inspections,framing should be approved monday,
then,just the felt/roll roofing, and miss blondie will be happy and i'll be outta there! you know, some days should be better spent in bed with the T.V. remote] :)
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as I said before, I dont give a whit what twits think.
Your Truly A Funny Dude!


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