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can match Hornet rifle power with pocket pistol

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Hornet gets 52 grs to 2300 fps in typical 20" barrel. 356 pocket pistol gets 55 grs to 2200 fps, and has 2.5x the frontal area of the .22, and the THREE separate wound channels of the Split Nose bullet. It also has the 6 hit per second multiple hit potential, which no Hornet can HOPE to match, since even the few lever actions made in that caliber aren't better than 1/2 that fast for repeat hits..
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Except the .356 DOESN'T EXIST anymore and your magic bullets never existed.

If you want that performance, get the .357 Sig and a good, modern hollowpoint (which will outperform your POS nonexistant bullets anyway), and you're set.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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