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for combat and poaching NOW, and after shtf, their lw, concealment, ability to last a long time, not make you flinch-miss, not have flash at night, be used by one hand, be fixable-replaceable(along with their ammo) be cleanable in the field, even at night, in bad weather, be rustproof, have luminous sights, see thru scope mount, etc,makes this rifle the perfect choice for the survivalist. I consider it ideal for nearly all of the shooting that's done NOW, actually. How many hunt really big game,hmm? A cached Nagaint, $50, could handle that if, NEED be, ya know. Big game season is just a very small part of the year, and once you take one elk or moose, or bear, that's it for the year. Taking one deer is it for the year, in many parts of the country. For small game, the .22 unit serves just fiine and it and the 223 are perfect for matches, varmints, and plinking.
pretty sad is a .223 makes you flinch and miss.

putting a .22 in your primary combat weapon will get you killed. By the time you:
  1. pull the pin
  2. remove the BCG
  3. stow the BCG
  4. fetch the .223 BCG
  5. install the .223 BCG
  6. close the rifle and reinsert the pin
  7. remove the magazine
  8. stow the magazine (even in a drop pouch)
  9. load the .223 magazine
  10. charge the weapon

you are dead. If you aren't, there's a good chance you've dropped the .22 unit and/or the .22 magazine. Now you've lost your foraging capability.

Only a complete moron would handicap their primary fighting weapon.

And all the above assumes you aren't stressed out, which increases the required time. We understand that one of your nicknames was "Sir shakes a lot" because of how you shook when under pressure...
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