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"canned" HP22's, not Liberator .45 single

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shot smoothbores, is what should be "dropped" to the Resistance. At $3 each, when gold was $30 an oz, the Liberator today would cost 13x as much to make, and if bought in bulk, that's about all the HP22 would cost the gov't. The can and the rapidfire, and the ability to hide 100 or more rds of 22 on the PERSON, REAL accuracy, etc, would make it EASILY 10x more likely to actually be USED.

From a "sniper" type set up, the canned HP22 could easily get a hit SOMEWHERE on the man, at 50m, and if it's to the torso, it''s REALLY likely to kill him, unless LOTS of thousands of $ are spent on his med care. That beats making a lot of noise with the .45 single shot, dropped by the thousands in WW2, eh? To use THAT effectively, you had to have balls enough to walk right UP to the enemy, fire from less than 10 ft away, and then be able to GET AWAY after all that noise attracted all of his buddies. Probably NOBODY ever dared.
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What "Resistance" are you gibbering about, and why would we offer them weapons?. They didn't trust the food we dropped over Afghanistan 2yrs ago, and I don't think they have gotten any fonder of us since then. The only resistance I know of is the "Square-Beards" in Fallujah, and the other "Moon-Worshipers" who listen to them.
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