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I like the idea of maintaining as low a profile as possible; I have no "Mad-Max-wanna-be" aspirations. A suppressor should definitely be helpful in "lowering your profile", but it's certainly not a cure-all or a replacement for skills or brains. As several have said here, it's a tool; and with any tool comes the potential for dependency. (I've had neighbors unable to open a can of food during the aftermath of an ice storm, simply because they were dependent on an electric can opener. They had no manual can-opener, so their dependence on that one vulnerable "link in the chain", so to speak, left them high and dry.)

I really like the CAR with the suppressor, but have used AR's and CAR's since 1981 without one, so if the "can" were to become lost or destroyed, I'm only back to where I was before anyway.

My enjoyment of the suppressor isn't primarily from a shtf-prep mindset; it's really just "fun", combined with (hopefully) being able to pick off multiple small critters without scaring off everything at the first shot. We'll find out for certain this fall, during squirrel and rabbit season.

If I were Special Forces or SWAT, (or a contract killer, I suppose), I'd certainly want a suppressor or two. But having a suppressor or two doesn't make me believe that that's what I am. Like any tool, it allows more options, but it doesn't endow me with any super powers. (Dangit... :( )
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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