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carry at MOST 100 rds of 308, shtf, or be

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so damned tired you wont CARE if you get shot. then fire 40-60 rds of that at ONE guy(using cover) in the HOPE that your rds will penetrate, and will HIT him (well enough to incapacitate him) REAL smart. 2 such guys and you wont HAVE 308 anymore. Likely to happen the FIRST day of shtf. :) cause 308 bozos are too STUPID to be using either thick cover or darkness, or a silencer.
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100 rds is 100 rds, caliber is immaterial. The important point is, are you going to utilize those 100 rds to your best advantage. A miss with a .308 is the same as a miss with a 5.56mm. If you get "buck fever", its not the fault of the rifle, its the fault of the WANNABE, that hasn't practiced.
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