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you, and shooting him, means you actually FIRE when he's 6 ft or less away (for most people, at least) If you have your gun already ON him, and you fire at more than 10 ft or so, you are going to have to go to court to defend your actions, if you are not a cop and ESPECIALLY if the guy had no gun. You can CLAIM you were scared he was going to "take your gun", but that's going to be a TOUGH sale to a bunch of grannies on the jury, especially the CIVIL jury, if you are a big, strong man, and the attacker was some skinny crack kid from a minority group. Suggest you REALLY learn karate and jiujtisu, or carry a walking stick. The latter is a really effective weapon, for the fit adult male, at least. In many cases, it's a better choice than the typical pistol, typical loads, and typical levels of "skill" that people have with pistols.
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