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at about 10m, really, even on fully exposed torsos. cover user's heads, it's more like 10 FEET, man. There's really no reason NOT to have a can on the rifle, since rifles are for shtf. you'll never GET to your rifle, in a "normal times" defensive scenario, and it's really no advantage over a DECENT pistol, inside a house, etc. Indeed, the pistol is FASTER than the rifle, inside 10 ft, at least, on fully exposed torsos. It might even be faster at 20 ft, depending upon the pistol, and if you go to extremes, in the case of the race gun, it's faster than the rifle at 10m, too.

With the right loads in it, the pistol can hit PLENTY hard enough. In fact, it can hit HARDER than a lot of rifles that many 'think" are pretty effective, like the 44-40 or the 30 Carbine. I'd bet on a 460 Split Nose stopping a man before 30 AK ball does the same, actually, based on having shot animals with both of those loads. 44 mag rifle, using swc's, aint all that great a manstopper, nor 357 rifle with same, of course. so even if you DO get to your rifle, and it IS a semi auto, if it's a .45 full of ball ammo, it AINT a better manstopper than a pistol that's loaded with the right ammo.
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