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published in Combat Handguns, gave you 3 full seconds to react, draw hit chest twice, at 4 ft. 4 seconds to do same at 4 yds. :) since the guy can be all over you from 4 ft in WELL under .5 second, I find such 'time frames" ludicrous, to say the least. You set REALISTIC time frames by REALITY, man, and if they can't meet the demand, u use OTHER tactics and techniques. For an attacking man inside 10 ft, nearly every cop would be WAY ahead with just his long baton, over the slow assed "draw" he can make with his "security' holster. Guys can easily charge and club you in 1.5 seconds, from 4 yds. so WHY take 1.5 seconds LONGER, to fire a shot, hmm? Charge him and club him. Guys are just too LAZY to KEEP that baton handy, that's all.
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