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I got an e-mail sent to me that said
done crack the web site by

m6anesh hacker arab team


fu ck for all
When I went there to check it out a screen came up that said
This WebSite
Hacker By

[email protected]
Hacker Arab Team

Im from k.s.a
Fu Ck U.S.A & Isrial
TOO wierd. Do you think it really got hacked? If they're smart enough to hack our websites, you'd think they'd learn to spell.:eek:

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Heck, when I read this I went to my servers and checked to make sure I had all the latest security patches in place. Had to do a few of them.

That hack might have been specific to the message board, however. Each type of message board has it's own weaknesses I guess that knowledgeable people can exploit. There are so many levels that a ***** in the armor can be found that it is not funny at all.

A while back I had my entire server hacked into, but it was a fairly minor hack. Just changed the INDEX.HTML file on all of my domains. Easy to fix, so it could have been MUCH worse.

Guess it wouldn't hurt to backup all of the domain site files, now that I think about it. I backup the datafiles every night, but the actual executables probably need to be refreshed.

Sigh.... always something......

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It's rather asinine to hack into a web forum, it's probably done by some greasy, acne ridden, 35yr old lard arse, whom lives in his mom's basement. I bet that hacker thinks he's such a "cool guy" now, too.:rolleyes:
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