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chest hit,proper223 load puts u on ass, 500m

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and anyone who "thinks" he can reliably hit charging, dodging, head on prone, cover using men at longer ranges than that is simply fos. Ditto anyone who claims that poor hits with 308 ball do ANYTHING more than the same hit with 223 ball. Most hits in combat ARE poor hits. Also, anyone claiming that lugging around an extra 10-20 lbs doesn't result in more fatique, and being slower is just plain ignorant or LYING, and I can prove it.
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Keep living the dream Gunkid... keep living the dream. It's all you've got.

Martin Fackler seems to think that the West German ball .308 ball ammo causes wounds of the same variety as the .223 fragmenting ammo, but larger and more extensive.

At a range where neither fragment, you've still got more size and momentum with the .308 round, and the thus ability to negate more cover.
Yep, the Hirtenberg .308 fragments extremely well. Which is why I have a bunch.

Forgo the ball ammo and go with a ballistic tip, or a HP, and the .308 will out perform the .223 with the same type ammo.

what is cover to a .223 is merely concealment to a .308.

Well once the prison "punk" gets his identity crisis sorted out he might realize that just cause he can't shoot, doesn't mean that we can't.
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