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Well, let’s see............afoot in North Georgia. I don’t reckon I’d have a whole lot of trouble from the locals now that them inbred Hamby’s have moved on - down Thomasville way in South Georgia I hear, where their type is better tolerated. Me and any of the Stiles clan left around might walk a little light around each other, but nothing serious. Course I was born and raised there. If I was to make a sweep from, say, McCaysville down to Oglethorpe Mountain (understand they’re calling it Mount Oglethorpe now. Must be some fool Atlanta reporter’s idea of making something sound sorta dandified), up to Brasstown Bald then back into Fannin County, about the only thing that’d slow me down some would be stopping to see some kin and old friends. It’s been a few years. Too many.

In a similar area, where I didn’t know anybody, well........I still wouldn’t feel any need to arm too heavy. My hatchet and Kabar. They’re with me most of the time anyhow, never farther away than my truck, they carry right easy as long as they don’t have to be hid. A couple of pocket knives.

A Winchester 94 in .30-30. The .30-30 will handle any critter in those mountains, two or four legged. I can resupply ammunition from any house or store I come across. A ‘94 so I wouldn’t be mistook for a flatlander or slicker. Everybody in the mountains totes a ‘94 or ‘92.

One of my Rugers in .45 Colt. Cylinder filled with snake loads. Rattlers are the most dangerous thing I’d expect to come across. Also carry some stiff handloads, just in case some of them rattlers was walking upright.

.22 Revolver. Gotta have a .22.

Still wouldn’t anticipate much trouble - same people, just different names.

Now in a big city that’d be a different story. Nothing less than an M14 and an M79. Those folks are in a steady state of hostile.

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